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Client Testimonials

The Colour Rooms

Inside The Colour Rooms The Colour Rooms

Lymelyte Concert provided the Colour Rooms with an excellent all round service. From standard DJ equipment and microphones to responsible sound control management and sound engineers.

A reliable service and the team would arrive to the venue on time, set up on time, provide emergency assistance when required and arrived for the load out on time.

Overall, a first class service and competitive rates.

Kevin Williams

Colour Rooms General Manager


Inspire logo

Inspire has always used Lymelyte for helping with its events. From theatre productions to outdoor festivals they have always been able to provide the right equipment and personnel to help ensure our activities run smoothly.

Charlotte Benstead

Centre Director - Inspire

Blackfriars Settlement

Blackfriars Settlement logo

Thank you for all your input that helped make Nelson Square fair a success. Your team performed so well and under the trying circumstances given the rain had started; they gave an excellent performance all the same.

We look forward to an even more successful event next year and will be pleased to call on your services again.

Julie Corbett-Bird - Blackfriars Settlement

Waterloo Community Development Group

Waterloo Community Development Group logo

Thank you for helping us to make the launch event of to Waterloo Millennium Green such a huge success. Without all the support and generosity of local people and businesses, this event would not have been possible. It was fantastic to see so much enjoyment gained from the day, and let's hope this is the first of many celebrations to be held on the green

Debbi Shears - WCDG

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