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No matter what type of PA system, or size of audience you want to please, Lymelyte Concert can easily accommodate your needs. Our Owner/Technician has spent the last five years expanding his system inventory to include a variety of professional equipment including Allen & Heath, BSS, and Void to every event, large or small, David applies tough standards of excellence.

These are just a few good reasons why concert promoters, corporate event planners, local and business communities, and festival managers, have requested Lymelyte Concert's services. For the best sound possible, from meetings to concerts, contact us at Lymelyte Concert.

Front of house

Power to the Void speakers is provided by QSC PLX amplifiers, which are fully racked. These particular lightweight amps were chosen as they pair up so well with our Void speakers, they also give a glorious full-range sound, as well as driving our extremely low end cabinets.

Our cables and equipment are regularly inspected and checked by qualified engineers to maintain a smooth running of our systems.

DBX 160A

Drawmer Gate

QSC 3002 Power Amplifier

Power Amplifiers


Denon DN C680 CD Player

Studio 3 Racks


The stage monitors consist of 10 long throw custom monitors also powered by our QSC PLX amps and BSS Opel EQs with Dbx Compressors giving a total 10-individual monitor mixes. For smaller events, the monitors can be controlled from the FOH position.

Pioneer 3000 DJ Mixer

DJ Setups